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Welcome to the upgraded GIS Interactive Map Viewer.  Below are some of the upgrades your will see:

·         The map site works with the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

·         The map display is larger utilizing most of the browser window. 

·         Map Tools have moved to the top of the map window. 

·         Turning layers on or off is immediate and you no longer need to hit “Apply”.

·         Users can now save their preferred view setting as well as bookmark map views.

·         Aerial Photography can now be turned on or off using the Base Map selection tool located at the top right above the map display.

·         Google Map imagery and Street View Imagery is now available Under the Base Map Selection tool


Please click on help  to learn more about how to use these new tools as well as other functionality of the site.


Gainesville / Hall County Disclaimer

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